Our Process

Planning & Estimates

Architect & Interior Designer Network

United Elite Group is happy to work with your existing architect and/or interior designer, or we can recommend partners within our trusted network. We continually build superb relationships with our partners given our commitment to exceeding expectations and delivering quality results on time and on budget.  

Project & Materials Planning

Given our extensive experience in the industry, we happily can help our clients figure out the best choice of materials to maximize the aesthetic of their space, while fitting their budget.  

Building Structure Forecasting

While many Manhattan structures have an incredibly beautiful aesthetic, they sometimes can harbor unforeseen construction issues due to unsafe aging architecture, plumbing lines, or hidden surprises within walls. We always perform a proactive detailed review of your living structure to make sure we are as precise as we can be with your estimate and project timeline.


Our goal is to provide you with the most precise cost projection based on your renovation area. To achieve this, our project managers take their time to ask all the crucial questions to accurately assess the work scope to be done. We’ll also request an in-person visit (if possible) to review the work space. Based on our extensive experience, we accurately assess the amount of labor, resource, and the time your apartment remodeling job will require.


Construction Process

Contract Sign Off

Whether your renovation is on the smaller side (a kitchen or a bathroom) or you are completely gutting your full living space, we’ll work with your architect or designer, or solely draw up the project and write out precise project  specifications. Our team works diligently to ensure that your contract is as detailed as possible to ensure the least amount of surprises.

DOB Permits

United Elite group has extensive experience handling all Manhattan DOB permits and regulations, including high-rise buildings. We take all the stress off our clients and can easily handle the entire permit process!

Client Status Updates & Communication

We ensure our partners and clients are routinely kept up to speed on our progress, or as often as needed. We also use Buildertrend to provide all involved parties with a transparent project schedule & in-progress photos/monitoring.

Demolition & Orderly Cleanup

We are accustomed to abiding by building policies as it relates to demolition noise and construction hours, and also ensure the job site is cleaned up at the end of each day.

Unexpected Surprises

Given United Elite Group's high level of accuracy with our project estimates, change orders on our side are minimized. However as the project moves forward, if our client or partners change their specifications for any piece of the work, we can seamlessly update the project budget and timeline to ensure alignment with all parties involved.

Project Wrap Up

Once the project is wrapped up we make sure everything is to our client's satisfaction. We have a straightforward policy - with us you get the best, start to finish, and we even continue to take care of you with our 2 year warranty!   


Protocol & Safety

Building Protocol

United Elite Group’s crew always ensures professionalism and courtesy with every building contact we meet - regardless of the apartment, townhome, or high-rise environment. With that said, our work team typically shows up to the job site with United Elite Group polo shirts so we are clearly identified.

General Safety

Our team follows strict rules and regulations to ensure our work is performed safely. Each tradesmen staffed by United Elite Group has extensive experience in their field, and our injury record is practically null. All work is OSHA compliant.

COVID-19 Protocols

United Elite Group follows all COVID-19 precautions and protection, including: 

  • Daily worksite logs

  • Daily worksite cleaning and disinfection

  • Daily personnel temperature checks

  • Site communication & safety planning

  • Site safety worksite notifications & bill of rights


Service & Guarantee

Our Service Legacy

We stand by the quality of our work and we make sure we do the job right the first time. To this day, we have hundreds of happy clients, a 5 star business rating, and many reviews to back this up! However, if for whatever reason a client is unhappy with the result of our work, we always do everything in our power to make it right. 

United Elite Group's Service Warranty

With our relentless focus on quality, we provide a two-year warranty on all work we handle - no questions asked.